The Classic Ball Shooting Burp Gun – uses air-powered pump action to safely fire plastic balls

Looking for a toy air gun for your kids? Give them the Classic Ball Shooting Burp Gun, a toy air gun designed not just to entertain kids but also to give them fun time at home with their friends.

This burp gun uses a uniquely designed air pump to help kids fire the gun safely for up to 20 feet accurately without any problem. – Currently Taking Orders Here

Ball Shooting Burp Gun

The Classic Ball Shooting Burp Gun

This classic ball shooting air gun already includes some plastic balls where kids can safely fire one at a time or even in multiple bursts, and because each ball when fired makes a burp sound, fun any time is now possible.

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Ball Shooting Burp Gun 2

This classic Air Gun toy is powered by pump action not batteries so you don’t have to worry about when to juice up the air gun and best of all, it is made from ABS plastic enough to provide continuous play anywhere any time perfect for kids ages 4 years old and above. Weighs only 12oz.

You can buy this classic air gun toy for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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