Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Helmet – equipped with premium interior and exterior design

Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Helmet is perfect for Star Wars fanatics out there who wants to have their very own signature helmet of their favorite character Darth Vader from the movie Star Wars where they can wear so they can feel what a real space warlord is capable of whether crushing someone’s throat or just plainly entice other fanatics with your new cool stuff.

Thanks to the helmet’s unique and adjustable design partnered with movie-accurate sound effects so when owners start wearing it with collar on, they can start activating those chilling breathing sound effects to drive away guest nearby.

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Darth Vader Electronic Helmet

This Darth Vader Helmet is perfect for some role playing game with other Star Wars fans or use it as a perfect presentation together with all your Star Wars collectibles, thanks to its included helmet stand, Star Wars devotees will surely love it whether it is displayed on a shelf or wear it to start their biggest battles and missions at the comfort of their own playground.

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Darth Vader Electronic Helmet 1

Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Helmet is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above and only measures 14.75×13.75×14 inches in height, width and length and only weighs 5.95lbs.

You can buy Darth Vader’s Helmet for only $109.99 with free shipping.

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