The Ride On RealTree Truck – Perfect for kids who loves some stealthy outdoor adventures

The Ride On RealTree Truck is a remote controlled mud truck equipped with camouflage so kids can have sneaky adventure right at their very own playground.

This ride on truck is powered by 12v motor capable of speeding up and even changing directions using its included switch build sturdily into truck’s board or by using its remote control operated by their parents.

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Ride On RealTree Truck

Perfect for kids ages 2 to 5 years of age, this mud truck is also equipped with sturdy tires complete with unique gripping tread so kids can navigate around without any problem, it even comes with a unique headlight for night time roaming and a horn capable of making engine sounds.

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Ride On RealTree Truck 1

The Ride On RealTree Truck even features a trunk that can be easily operated partnered with auxiliary jack so kids can enjoy their favorite music while having fun driving around and best of all, it has a battery that can provide up to 2hrs of power specially when fully charged using its included charger. Weighs 44lbs.

You can buy the ride-on mud truck for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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