So Truly Real Olivia’s Gentle Touch Lifelike Baby Girl Doll

So Truly Real Olivia's Gentle Touch Lifelike Baby Girl Doll

So Truly Real Olivia’s Gentle Touch Lifelike Baby Girl Doll is an interactive and realistic baby doll uniquely handcrafted so it can capture anyone’s attention including the hearts of your little kids who loves to play baby doll.

This award winning and Lifelike Baby Girl Doll is capable of responding to your tender touch simply by wrapping and curling her little fingers around yours and because this interactive doll is made using vinyl skin and unique wispy hair, looking at the baby doll and feeling it around your soft hands will simply amaze every one of its realistic construction.

So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Girl Doll even dressed up with a nice looking knit outfit complete with pearl bead accents and a nice floral headband to make it even more adorable and real.

This baby doll comes with certificate of authenticity and requires 3 double A batteries so it can start responding. Wanna try?

-$149.99 at amazon

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