The Smartphone Directed Video Spy Car – a wifi controlled car

The Smartphone Directed Video Spy Car

The Smartphone Directed Video Spy Car is a wireless fidelity controlled car capable of sending live audio and video directly to your smart phone.

This wifi controlled spy car can easily be maneuvered using your phones touch screen and is ideal for spying around your home or in your office specially when you are not around. Just install the application needed and you’re good to go.

This Smartphone directed Video Spy Car can save photos and videos directly to your phone perfect if you want to immediately upload the captured pieces into your favorite sites.

The spy car’s built-in camera can be slanted so you can take objects in any position plus it even comes with a night vision function so can capture images even at night time.

This Smartphone directed video spy car already comes with a rechargeable battery which can provide up to an hour of spy operation and best of all, this car is also design to work for iPhone, iPads and even your favorite android devices.

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