Smart Cycle – Teaches kids important preschool concepts

Smart Cycle

Smart Cycle is a plug and play hardware and software ystem specially designed for kids who love to have hours of learning adventure and fun playtime simply because it is already packed with lots of developmental benefits to reinforce important preschool concepts. (Read Full Customer Review)

This Smart Cycle teaches kids upper and lowercase letters, basic math idea including numbers and counting, shapes and colors or even check your kids spelling mastery through different adventure activities like racing, interactive games and a lot more.

So how do you use the smart cycle? Well, just allow your kids to drive and steer through different learning areas like Math Mountain, shape lake and letter creeks or even allow your little kids to have some number adventure on the number fields as they play along the way. Cool!

If your kids love racing game then let them play a racing game with another player or give them some rest with the included joystick to try other levels of fun and excitement.

This educational bicycle already comes with learning software plus you can even add other smart cycle software like animal rescue, discover dinosaur and other learning software for that non-stop learning fun time. Just don’t forget to plug the device to your TV though. What are you waiting for, let your kids try one now. (Read Full Customer Reviews)

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