Banzai Double Drop Falls Inflatable Water Slide

Banzai Double Drop Falls Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable Water Slide? Check the Banzai Double Drop Falls Waterslide, an eighteen and a half (18 1/2) feet inflatable water slide designed to give your kids a perfect wet and wild waterslide anytime.

The Banzai Double Drop Falls Inflatable Water Slide is a 2-in-1 double slide and giant splash pool that features 2 steep drops that passes through a uniquely designed cascading archway water falls for that water splashing anytime right at your kids very own backyard.

This inflatable water slide also comes with a huge pool so kids can have a nice splash after sliding down. Thanks to its easy to inflate and deflate function, giving your kids a nice and fun water adventure is now easy and affordable.

Banzai Double Drop Falls already comes with a continuous airflow mower, an easy to attach hose, anchor bags, ground stakes and repair kit for that extra peace of mind every time your kids start splashing.

This inflatable water slide is constructed using only the best heavy duty Dura-Tech technology to ensure that it can handle and resist small tears and punctures every time.

-$399.95 at amazon

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