Kidwise CONGO Monkey Play Set – a Maintenance Free Play Set for Kids

Looking for a durable play set for your kids? Check this maintenance free Kidwise Congo monkey play set designed to provide kids with lots of fun including sliding, wall climbing, swinging a lot more.

Kidwise CONGO Monkey Play Set is built using only the best lumber there is plus it even comes complete with woodguard feature so you don’t have to worry about cracking, peeling or repainting plus with its unique one hundred percent splinter free system, cleaning is easy using only water and simple cleaning solution.

Kidwise CONGO Monkey Play Set


Kidwise CONGO Monkey Play Set

This Congo Monkey Play Set already includes a huge fort and turbo tower slide and because it already includes all the necessary materials and hardware, setting up the play set is just easy as following a simply instruction.

This play set is designed for residential use only and is designed for kids ages 3 years and above who just can’t wait to have fun sliding, monkey bar climbing, rock wall climbing, and even playing on a white sand box this coming summer.

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