Congo Excursion Swing Set – A Perfect Addition To Any Backyard Activities


congo-excursion-swing-set-1 congo-excursion-swing-set-2 congo-excursion-swing-set-3

Congo Excursion Swing Set is a perfect addition to any backyard activities you may have this summertime because it allows kids to swing, slide, climb and peek to anyone perfect for providing your family with some exciting activities anytime. Congo Excursion Swing Set features a solid 4×4 and 4×6 main beams with 4inch deck height, 3 position swing beam, 1 trapeze bar, 1 belt swing, rock wall with climbing rope, a telescope and a tic tac toe spinner panel.

Other feature includes:
-a pair of safety handles
-multi striped canopy
-sandbox and an 8” green wave slide

$999.99 at costco

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