Commodore 64 Mini – A mini modern version of the world’s bestselling home computer

Commodore 64 Mini —[SOURCE]— is your perfect answer if you want to play retro games like Boulder Dash, Armalyte, Impossible Mission and a lot more including one of our favorite California Games right at your very own living room.

Thanks to this modern equivalent of the world’s bestselling computer console, now you can play up to 64 retro games, relive the 80’s of course in full HD so you can enjoy all the games in clear and full color display without worrying about those familiar pixels.

Commodore 64 Mini

Commodore 64 Mini

This mini modern version of the popular home computer is very easy to setup, just plug it into your favorite TV using its included HDMI cable and start playing even the Speedball 2, Uridium, Nebulus and a lot more.

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Commodore 64 Mini 1

Commodore 64 Mini is perfect for kids who wants to try 1980’s most popular games of course minus those bulky cartridges and blurry monitors because this modern version will definitely provide high definition classic gaming at home with your friends and family.

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