Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer – Kids can now explore the underground world of ants with this unique VR goggles

You want to learn how ants behave? How about see some 3D models of the ever hardworking ants? Try the Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer —[SOURCE]—, a virtual reality goggles designed for bug lovers out there who wants to explore the behavior and anatomy of their favorite ant.

This VR goggle is very easy to use, just insert your favorite smartphone into the VR including iPhones, Motorola, Samsung and a lot more and start exploring ant farm habitat up close and interactive.

Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer

Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer

This virtual explorer already comes with antopia adventure app so kids can have different ways on how to explore the ant’s underground world, it even comes with an activity guide so kids ages 8 years old and above can start displaying some 3D interactive models.

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Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer 1

Antopia Adventure Virtual Explorer is not for kids under 3yrs old and requires assistance from adult. What are you waiting for, kids, start ordering your ants now, use the VR goggles and start exploring the world of ants.

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