The Talking Robotic Drawing Tutor – provides drawing lessons using step-by-step verbal instructions to accompany realtime demonstrations

The Talking Robotic Drawing Tutor (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect tutor when it comes to teaching them how to draw of course using step-by-step instruction and real time demonstration.

Thanks to this uniquely designed robotic tutor, kids will surely enjoy every drawing lesson using verbal and real time demos because this 6×6 inches robot is capable of grasping a pen and draws anything scanned by its robotic eyes.

Talking Robotic Drawing Tutor

The Talking Robotic Drawing Tutor

This talking robot already comes with sixty four cards, twenty four pictures, ten numbers and also twenty six letters that the robotic drawing tutor can scan and draw, it even comes with a button that wannabe artists can use to stop or even command the robot to repeat the lesson any time.

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Talking Robotic Drawing Tutor1

This Robotic Drawing Tutor is designed for young artists because it is very easy to use and follow, thanks to its included easy to follow instructions, kids ages 4 years old and above will surely enjoy and learn how to draw in no time.

You can buy the robotic tutor for teaching kids how to draw for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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