The Multi-Generation Bonding Trivia Board Game – Ideal for holidays, reunions, or other family get-togethers

The Multi-Generation Bonding Trivia Board Game (Available Here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for ways on how to enjoy your reunion, holiday or family gathering this summer.

Thanks to this uniquely designed board game, challenging anyone with different trivia questions including news and pop cultures and more when you get together at home or anywhere else is now even more challenging and exciting.

Trivia Board Game

The Multi-Generation Bonding Trivia Board Game

This board game is unique because it also includes activity based questions like dancing and even acting out iconic moments and also coming of age fun questions.

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Trivia Board Game1

The Multi-Generation Board Game is perfect for kids ages 10 years old and above and can handle up to 20 players without any problem.

You can buy this multi-generation board game for only $19.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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