The LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger – lets animal-loving kids build their own majestic tiger or posable critters

The LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger (available here) is perfect for kids out there who want to build and rebuild their very own majestic tiger, red panda and more.

Thanks to this easy to snap LEGO pieces, kids who are animal lovers will surely have fun time creating a tiger complete with tail, legs, head, shoulders, body and jaw without any problem, it can even be repositioned to make it like the big cat is stalking another animal, swimming on a raging river and even make it look like they’re climbing on a tree.

LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger

The LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger

This LEGO Creator set can also be used to build a bonsai tree or a koi fish complete with tail, flippers and even those water lilies, it even comes with a red bird and jungle display to complete the fun and excitement.

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LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger1

The LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger is perfect for kids ages 9 years old and above and only weighs 1.5lbs with measurements of 7.5×4.5×101/4 inches in height, width and length respectively.

You can buy this 755-piece LEGO Creator set designed for animal-loving kids for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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