The Kickball Croquet Set – combines the boisterous fun of kickball with the challenge of a croquet course

The Kickball Croquet Set (available here) is unique because it will allow young gamers to enjoy the combination of having fun playing kickball in croquet style course challenge.

This game is very easy to use and enjoy because instead of striking the ball using mallets, kids will compete to see who will be able to kick the ball first through the wickets.

Kickball Croquet Set

Just like any traditional croquet game, players can make the game very challenging simply by spacing the included wickets the way you wanted it to be, it even comes with a 14 inches inflatable croquet ball, nicely designed just to entice kids to start having fun.

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Kickball Croquet Set1

The Kickball Croquet Set already includes 6 metal wickets, 2 wooden stakes, 2 kickballs and best of all, a hand pump so you can start a kickball croquet course at your kids favorite playing area.

You can buy the croquet set game for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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