The Instant Inflatable Mini Golf – challenges players with a variety of obstacles

The Instant Inflatable Mini Golf (currently taking orders here) is the perfect toy you can give to your kids this summer especially if they love to challenge other kids to play golf right at their very own backyard.

Thanks to this uniquely designed mini golf course, setting up outdoors easily will not be a problem because besides its sturdy construction, kids can also create different obstacles to make wannabe athletes putt their way to the 5 hole course.

Instant Inflatable Mini Golf

This inflatable mini golf sets up easily in just a matter of minutes using its included blower motor, it even allows the kids to navigate their shots around curves, under windmills, over ramps or right through a pinball pass.

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Instant Inflatable Mini Golf1

The Instant Inflatable Mini Golf is made with polyester fabric and can easily be secured using its included sturdy ground stakes, it even comes with 2 oversized putters partnered with 2 golf balls so kids ages 3 years old and above can start enjoying the game and best of all, it only measures 17 feet and 9 inches by 14 feet diameter and 4 feet in height.

You can buy the inflatable mini golf course for only $499.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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