The Illuminated Halloween Gnomes – now you can greet trick-or-treaters and guests with spooky charm

The Illuminated Halloween Gnomes (Currently Taking Orders Here) is your perfect treat for your kids this Halloween simply because besides providing them with tricking and treating their guest friends, these garden gnomes will also add a spooky charm to your backyard.

Thanks to these uniquely designed gnomes, greeting trick or treaters will not be a problem because each bewitching fellow is equipped with bright LED lights so even passersby at your yard will also enjoy their appearance.

Illuminated Halloween Gnomes

This Halloween garden gnome set is unique because one of them sports a unique cap patterned with pumpkin right over his white beard while on the other included gnome is equipped with a striped hat.

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Illuminated Halloween Gnomes1

The Illuminated Halloween Gnomes are perfect for outdoor display because it will stand up even to different types of weather conditions, thanks to the included metal stake, placing it anywhere you want will not be a problem.

You can buy these two Halloween garden gnomes for only $169.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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