The Children’s Ride on Jaguar Convertible – the electric ride-on that replicates the design of the Jaguar CX75 concept car

The Children’s Ride On Jaguar Convertible is the perfect gift you can give to your kid’s this Christmas simply because this electric ride-on is not just unique when it comes to its Jaguar CX75 car design but at the same time it is equipped with all the necessary details and accessories to replicate the Jaguar concept car.

This electric ride-on is equipped with butterfly doors, folding side mirrors, leather seats, and even the iconic Jaguar logo located at the Jaguar’s steering wheel and grill.

Ride on Jaguar Convertible

The Children’s Ride on Jaguar Convertible

This ride on Jaguar CX75 uses a 12v battery capable of providing up to 4mph top speed partnered with an easy to use remote control where parents can use it to control or even override the car’s speed.

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Ride on Jaguar Convertible1

This Ride On Jaguar Convertible also features working lights, sturdy rubber wheels and even unique engine sounds and best of all, it can provide up to 2hrs of driving power especially when fully charged via AC. Weighs only 38lbs.

You can buy the Jaguar electric ride-on for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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