The Award Winning Giant Rolling Wheel – allows children to roll and ride safely from inside

The Award Winning Giant Rolling Wheel (available here) is perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above who loves to ride and roll an inflatable wheel.

Thanks to this uniquely designed rolling wheel, riding and rolling safely from the inside of the inflatable wheel in order to propel themselves in an exciting and laborious way just to have fun with their friends is now possible any time.

Giant Rolling Wheel

The Award Winning Giant Rolling Wheel

This colorful inflatable wheel is very light yet strong enough that supporting riders up to 200lbs will not be a problem, it even features a 45 inches diameter interior to make it a safe rolling wheel that can be used even for outside use especially on a grassy field.

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Giant Rolling Wheel1

The Award Winning Giant Rolling Wheel is very easy to use and can be easily inflated or deflated using your preferred pump and best of all, it only measures 67.5×54 inches in diameter and width respectively.

You can buy this inflatable wheel for your kids for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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