The Animated Birthday Cupcake – sings “Happy Birthday” as its LED-lit candle flickers

You want to sing a Happy Birthday song for your favorite child? How about giving them this plush frosted cupcake that lit uniquely while twirling and singing a birthday song?

This cupcake is unique because it has a candle that flickers and twirls and at the same time singing your kids favorite birthday song religiously by pressing only a button.

Animated Birthday Cupcake

The Animated Birthday Cupcake

This animated cupcake not just entertains a birthday child with some singing and twirling because this beautifully decorated cupcake not only sings beautifully using a female voice serenading the birthday child while twisting back and forth without any problem.

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Animated Birthday Cupcake

The Animated Birthday Cupcake is unique because at the end of every singing and twirling, this plush frosted cupcake blows out its included candle of course with a hearty puff and best of all, it can be spot clean just perfect for kids ages 2 years old and above. Weighs only 10oz.

You can buy the plush frosted cupcake for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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