The Animated ABC Singing Unicorn – the animated plush unicorn that sings the ABCs and counts one through 10

You want to teach your kids the alphabet letters? How about teaching them how to count? Give them this Animated ABC Singing Unicorn. (Currently Taking Orders Here for only $49.95)

This uniquely designed plush unicorn is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for a plush toy that will teach your newborn and up child how to sing and learn the ABC and numbers 1 – 10.

Animated ABC Singing Unicorn

Thanks to this animated singing unicorn, kids will simply press the unicorn’s foot to let the plush start singing the ABC song or Ten Little Unicorns partnered with a clapping hoof.

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Animated ABC Singing Unicorn 2

The Animated ABC Singing Unicorn is made with soft polyester body, making it the perfect toy that your kids can hug anytime while at the same time helping them learn the basics of counting and the alphabet letters, it even comes with a glowing horn just to entice young unicorn fanatics to enjoy hugging, cuddling, singing and learning any time.

You can buy this animated plush unicorn for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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