The 15′ Inflatable Lightshow Easter Bunny – ensures passers-by are aware of one’s Easter eagerness

Are you already preparing for the Easter celebration and are looking for some perfect outdoor decoration? Check the 15’ Inflatable Lightshow Easter Bunny. (Available Here for only $279.95)

This uniquely designed inflatable illuminated bunny is your perfect answer simply because besides ensuring that your guests and even those passers-by will be amazed with your decoration, it will also burst forth their excitement of celebrating the Easter party every time.

Inflatable Lightshow Easter Bunny

The 15′ Inflatable Lightshow Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny even features a spiraling pattern of yellow chicks, colored Easter eggs and bowties uniquely projected just right into the bunny’s belly, making a unique impression of Easter celebration happiness floating everywhere at home.

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Inflatable Lightshow Easter Bunny 2

This Inflatable Easter Bunny already includes 8 stakes and 4 tethers designed to help keep the bunny fully secured when installed right at your very own backyard ground and best of all, it stands comfortably at 15 feet tall without any problem.

You can buy this inflatable illuminated bunny for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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