Matatalab Pro Set Coding Robot – Learn how to code with the STEM Educational Toy for Kids

Are you looking for an educational toy for your kids that will teach them how to code at their very young age? Try the Matatalab Pro Set Coding Robot for Kids. (Available Here)

Ideal for wannabe coders out there who want to keep their hands busy developing practical play skills, this coding toy is their perfect answer simply because they can improve their problem solving, critical thinking, cooperation and even their creativity skills simply by playing the fun of basic coding.

Matatalab Pro Set Coding Robot

This do it yourself coding robot is unique when it comes to using your kids imagination and besides its easy to use function, placing coding blocks right on the included board partnered with an easy to use command tower and playing cards, controlling the matatabot with different movements will not be a problem.

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Matatalab Pro Set Coding Robot 2

The Matatalab Pro Set Coding Robot is equipped with a unique graphic design perfect for enticing kids to develop and predict the different movements of the robot including the testing and confirming their created coding algorithms.

You can buy this easy to use and fun to play with coding pro set for kids for only $229.94.

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