Little Tikes Fold Away Climber – A colorful Indoor or Outdoor Mini Playground for kids

Looking for a mini playground for your kids? Check Little Tikes Fold Away Climber, a uniquely designed indoor or outdoor mini playground that includes everything a child needs like basketball playing, sliding and wall climbing enough to keep them entertained for hours.

Little Tikes Fold Away Climber

Little Tikes Fold Away Climber

This Little Tikes Climber also features a nice soccer and hockey net that will allow any soccer and hockey fanatics to have a nice free shots.

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This fold away climber is very easy to set up and because its compact, storing it after playing will not be a problem.

Little Tikes Fold Away Climber only measures 50.5 inches in length, 47 inches in width and 45 inches in height just perfect for some indoor fun.

-$109.99 at amazon

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