Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade – Your Kids 5mph Speed Power Wheels Car

Packed with 5mph maximum speed, this custom edition Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade is just perfect for taking your kid’s car driving capability up to the next level of course with style because riding inside the Pink Cadillac Escalade is just riding a real car. Try it!

Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade

Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade features a nice working door with see-through windows, a battery powered motor that can travel at 2 to 5mph speed on hard and grassy surfaces and a premium sound system built inside the car so kids can enjoy real sound while driving around their very own backyard.

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This Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade also comes with a low battery indicator presented right on its very own dashboard, a nice chrome wheels and grille, a powerful brake and of course a manufacturer’s 1 year limited warranty.

-$724.95 at amazon

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