Your Personal Einstein Genius – A walking and talking Albert Einstein robot complete with different life-like expressions

Your Personal Einstein Genius [VIDEO] is not just unique when it comes to teaching kids scientific principles, help with their math assignments and even cracks some jokes but at the same time unique because this robot walks and talks so he can clearly explain almost everything in German accent.

This 14.5 inches tall Albert Einstein robot displays different life-like expressions and easily pairs with a WiFi-enabled application designed to empower him to do almost everything from simple to complex math calculation complete with moving eyebrows, eyelids and hands to help ease the learning process.

Your Personal Einstein Genius

Your Personal Einstein Genius

This walking and talking Einstein robot is designed to encourage kids to achieve genius status simply by coaching them different brain games and when He is offline, his humorous banter will definitely complete the day.

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Your Personal Einstein Genius 1

The included app in Personal Einstein Genius robot requires tablet or iPad running atleast Android 4.4 or iOS 10.3 and can provide of up to 3 hours of learning from a full charge using its included adapter.

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