Wader Park Tower Playset with Cars – Your Kids 7 Floors Car Park Garage

Wader Park Tower Playset With Cars

Looking for Car Park Garage Playset for your kids? Get the Wader Park Tower Car Park Garage, a 7 floor parking garage toy designed for kids to have fun parking their favorite cars up to the top level or better yet, let them drive down the car using the spiral ramp driveway if they’re ready to exit. [read full review]

The Wader Park Tower Playset with Cars teaches kids to discover how things happen inside a seven floor parking tower it even allow them to use some of the playset’s feature including the cool elevator which allows little kids to take the cars up to the top level.

This Kids Car Park Garage also comes with a full functional car wash station, a heliport, a gas pump station, a service lift, a crane and of course 2 of your kids favorite cars so they can start playing some imaginative play.

What are you waiting for, try this easy to setup car park garage toy made of polyethylene material, your kids ultimate car parking garage play set.

-$143.79 at amazon

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