VTech Go Go Smart Wheels- 2-in-1 Race Track – Help kids improve their motor skills

You want to give your kids not just fun and entertaining afternoon? How about a combination of fun and learning? Give them this unique VTech Go Go Smart Wheels [SOURCE], a 2-in-1 Race Track that will surely provide racing fun afternoon as they race the vehicles right down the colorful speedway.

VTech Go Go Smart Wheels- 2-in-1 Race Track

VTech Go Go Smart Wheels

VTech Go Go Smart Wheels 2-in-1 Race Track is designed to help kids improve their motor skills, thanks to its unique construction where they can take different actions such as taking a pit stop, using different tools in order to launch the racing car straight to the jump track.

VTech Go Go Smart Wheels- 2-in-1 Race Track 2

This Smart Race Track even comes with over 150 imaginative phrases and sounds so kids can sing along the songs as they race towards the finish line plus it can even be reconfigured to form a circular race course or simply a straight and exciting jump tracks any time. How about connecting this toy race track to your kids other go go playset? Sure, just give them their time and they’re on their way to having great time all day long.

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