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Home » Transformers MP-51 Arcee – is ready to fight Decepticons and Unicron

Transformers MP-51 Arcee – is ready to fight Decepticons and Unicron

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Transformers MP-51 Arcee (available here) is your kids perfect Transformers Masterpiece if you want them to get ready and fight Unicron and even the Decepticons.

This uniquely designed MP-51 Arcee masterpiece has a cartoon inspired deco partnered with the sturdy engineering of the famous Takara-Tomy just to provide kids ages 15 years old and above the perfect Arcee’s amazing look.

MP-51 Arcee

Based on the original cartoon, Arcee is capable of transforming from a futuristic sports car of course in pink color you love into a lovely robot and vice versa while its included lots of articulation and other accessories will definitely Transformers fanatics out there will surely enjoy every time.

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MP-51 Arcee is your kids perfect Transformers toy collection simply because it already comes with different figure faces, blasters, crusher, blast effects, holster, character card and even an instruction sheet and best of all, it only measures 3×8.5×6 inches in height, width and length respectively. Weighs only 0.700lbs.

You can buy the Hasbro Transformers MP-51 Arcee for only $149.99 with free shipping.

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