Toy Story Pop-Open Playworld – A Must Have 3-In-1 Disney Playsets For Kids

Toy Story Pop-Open PlayworldThis 3-In-1 Disney Playsets is a must haves for kids who loves to have some hours of movie fun time with their friends and families.

This giant 3 foot Toy Story Pop-Open Playworld features 10 moving elements ideal for kids who wants to have some speed ramping, rocket launching or even creating mutant toys together with their favorite movie characters such as Buzz and Scud figures.

With Toy Story Pop-Open Playworld, kids will enjoy playing inside Andy and Sid’s room, it also allows kids to experience an imaginative play time such as spinning Buzz on plane, escaping into vehicles, and capturing figures with claws, it’s really the most entertaining playset you can give to your kids especially if they love Disney characters.

-$55.95 at amazon

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