ThunderCats ThunderTank Vehicle – Your kids ultimate toy

ThunderCats ThunderTank Vehicle (currently taking orders here) is your kids ultimate toy simply because it is equipped with lots of features to make it not just eye-popping for any kids but also the perfect toy to play with every time.

Equipped with glow in the dark eyes partnered with articulated jaws, this thundertank vehicle will surely provide young tank fanatics to roll its working wheels around in order to have some fun time combating other gargantuan vehicles out there.

ThunderCats ThunderTank

ThunderCats ThunderTank Vehicle

This Thundertank toy from Super7 even features a working rubber tank treads, sturdy windshields, cargo bay doors for carrying different action figures and a detachable turret that swivels for targeting enemies coming from any direction.

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ThunderCats ThunderTank1

The ThunderCats ThunderTank Vehicle only measures 27×17 inches long and wide respectively and best of all it has an armored mode for any tank battle and an aquatic mode for some clear water encounters.

You can buy the ThunderTank Vehicle for only $449.99 with free shipping.

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