This 12V Bumper Car Ride-On is a portal to a world of mini-car mayhem and amusement park thrills

Get ready to hear squeals of delight and witness tire tracks dancing across your living room floor! The 12V Children’s Bumper Car Ride-On isn’t just another ride-on toy – it’s a portal to a world of mini-car mayhem and amusement park thrills, all powered by the magic of a long-lasting battery and your child’s boundless imagination.

Say goodbye to battery blues: Ditch the 6V models that fizzle out after a few brief spins. This bumper car boasts a mighty 12V battery, powering its dual 25W motors for a whopping two hours of uninterrupted driving joy. That’s enough time for your little racer to conquer corners, master 360-degree spins, and maybe even pull off a legendary bump-and-grind maneuver (just imagine the squeals of laughter!).

12V Bumper Car Ride-On

The 12V Bumper Car Ride-On

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Take control, or let mom and dad be your pit crew: Two intuitive joysticks put the driving power in your child’s hands. Navigate forward, backward, or spin like a seasoned stunt driver, just like the classic bumper cars at the carnival. But fear not, parents! This ride-on comes with a handy remote control, so you can step in as a virtual pit crew member, guiding your little driver through trickier turns and ensuring a safe, supervised adventure.

Built to bump and grind (safely, of course): Constructed from durable polypropylene, this bumper car can handle those playful collisions with ease. The four sets of wheels roll smoothly on any indoor surface, while the soft bumper padding ensures gentle bounces and giggles, not tears.

Turn up the fun factor: Buckle up for a sensory feast! LED lights illuminate your child’s path, casting a magical glow on their high-speed escapades. And because every carnival ride needs a soundtrack, this bumper car comes equipped with a built-in Bluetooth/USB music system. Blast your child’s favorite tunes or pump up the adrenaline with driving sound effects – the possibilities are endless!

Assembly is a breeze: No need for engineering degrees! This bumper car comes with clear instructions and all the necessary parts for a quick and easy assembly. Soon enough, your little driver will be behind the wheel, ready for a world of whirling, bumping, and pure, unadulterated fun.

12V Bumper Car Ride-On image

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A gift that keeps on giving: From birthdays and holidays to “just because” surprises, the 12V Children’s Bumper Car is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s more than just a toy; it’s an invitation to unleash creativity, build confidence, and create lasting memories.

So, buckle up, little adventurer! The open road (or living room floor) awaits.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 12V battery for up to 2 hours of driving time
  • Dual 25W motors for speeds up to 6 mph
  • Joystick control for independent driving
  • Remote control for parental supervision
  • Durable polypropylene construction for long-lasting fun
  • Soft bumper padding for safe bumps and collisions
  • LED lights and Bluetooth/USB music system for a full sensory experience
  • Easy assembly for quick playtime
  • Perfect for ages 3-6, up to 66 lbs

Ready to start the engine on endless fun? Order your 12V Children’s Bumper Car today for only $299.95!

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