The Water Bullet Battletank – the RC tank that fires water bullets and conquers any terrain

The Water Bullet Battletank (available here) is not just unique when it comes to conquering different types of terrain but at the same time perfect because it allows young tankers to fire water bullets at their approaching enemies.

Thanks to this uniquely designed remote controlled tank equipped with omnidirectional wheels designed to help tank fanatics enjoy maneuvering including their favorite crab walks, drifts and even those 360 degrees spins.

Water Bullet Battletank

The Water Bullet Battletank

This RC tank is also unique because it allows your kids to shoot soft water gel bullets up to 3.5 feet away enough to take down any targets and because it has working LEDs and also includes 10k of bullet beads just enough to wash out any aliens.

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Water Bullet Battletank1

The Water Bullet Battletank is perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above and already includes a tank charger so kids can enjoy playing the battletank without worrying about any batteries. Measures only 11/14×8.5×81/4 inches in length, width and height respectively and only weighs 2lbs.

You can buy the RC Battletank capable of firing water bullets for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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