The Wall Projecting Virtual Target Game – challenges children to take aim at virtual targets with laser blasters

The Wall Projecting Virtual Target Game (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect toy this summer simply because besides its arcade game style for aiming and blasting enemies, kids will also enjoy virtual enemies projected on walls.

This virtual target game is unique because it already includes a uniquely designed console capable of projecting images of ducks, UFOs and even images of bullseyes right onto the darkened wall.

Virtual Target Game

The Wall Projecting Virtual Target Game

This wall projecting arcade game is very easy to use and play and in fact, all they need to do is to grab the included pair of laser blasters, turn on the console and start battling, of course players with the highest possible hit wins the game.

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Virtual Target Game1

The Wall Projecting Target Game has a console that already comes with 5 integrated games plus it even comes with a built-in digital display to keep your kids monitor their scores and best of all, it has an included laser blaster capable of providing action sound effects designed to increase the excitement of the game.

You can buy the wall projecting arcade game for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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