The Walk On Water Inflatable – The inflatable float that allows you to literally walk, run, or lounge on water

With Walk On Water Inflatable [SOURCE], now you can run, walk or even lounge literally on water, thanks to the inflatable float’s unique construction system partnered with sturdy material, holding up to 6 adults and even supporting up to 1000lbs. for some water activities is now possible.

This inflatable float uses fabric fused partnered with 28oz of layer PVC so can withstand energetic play plus it even comes with special coating designed to prevent UV ray damage.

The Walk On Water Inflatable

The Walk On Water Inflatable

This inflatable mat is only 2 inches high and is very easy to board while its smooth exterior to provide beach goer a nice slip-sliding or even comfortable water lounging every time.

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The Walk On Water Inflatable already comes with pump capable of inflating the mat in just a matter of minutes and best of all, it is very easy to fold and fit right at its included shoulder bag for easy storage or even travel.

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