The Voice Changing Karaoke Machine for kids – enables a child singer to transform into a popstar

The Voice Changing Karaoke Machine is perfect for kids who want to develop their talent in singing in order to achieve their goal to become a popstar someday.

Thanks to the karaoke machine’s voice changing effects partnered with the recording function, wannabe singers will soon be transformed into a diva at home without even having a voice coach just to achieve their goals.

Karaoke Machine for kids

This karaoke machine for kids is unique because besides its integrated voice effects, it also includes 8 preloaded songs and different voice effects including funny voices, applause, spinning disco ball for some concert-like effect and even the magic mode where it automatically turns down vocal tracks in order to make your kids become the lead singer.

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Karaoke Machine for kids1

The Karaoke Machine’s integrated LCD panel on the other hand will allow a child to access the recorded voices, playback buttons, different sound effects and even the volume control and best of all, the panel can be detached from its stand for portability. Audio cable also included so kids can connect their favorite music players or phone anytime.

You can buy the voice changing karaoke machine for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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