The Virtual Pony – A ride-on plush pony with natural galloping action

The Virtual Pony [VIDEO] is perfect for kids who is dreaming of owning a ride-on plush pony capable of galloping naturally just like a real-life horse but does not need batteries yet works with realistic cantering motion.

The Virtual Pony

The Virtual Pony

With this ride-on plush pony, kids simply place their feet right on the pony’s stirrups, starts bouncing up and down on the saddle to propel the virtual pony forward plus it even comes with a polyurethane wheels and wooden pegs for that effortless steering of course without worrying about kids safety and scratching floor pavements.

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This ride on pony is uniquely designed that even small riders will appreciate its faux leather partnered with comfortable saddle with perfect cushioning system for that comfortable all-day ride on the trail every time.

The Virtual Pony is engineered not just for kids safety but also for longevity so kids will have an imaginative racing play with their friends anytime anywhere. This ride on virtual pony supports user of up to 88lbs and is perfect for kids ages 4 years old and above.

Watch the pony in action [HERE].