The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade – with immersive 3D environments that include animated characters, flippers, bumpers, and ramps

The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade (available here) is your perfect arcade cabinet if you want to play different variations of virtual pinball at home with your family or friends.

Thanks to the arcade machine built-in 60 different pinball game versions partnered with unique 3D game environments including the animated characters, ramps, flippers and even the bumpers, enjoying and having fun playing your favorite pinball game at home is now possible anytime.

Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade

The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade

This pinball arcade machine also features a 32 inches LED playing field is just one of the best features in order to faithfully reproduce that classic look partnered with atavistic details of the original pinball arcade cabinet of course with 1080p HD function to give that razor-sharp advantage every time.

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Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade1

The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade is unique because it also comes with a retro style coin door yet will allow the players to play and have fun without worrying about feeding it with some coins and best of all, it already comes with a coaxial speakers that’s capable of providing true sound of solenoids clack, bells for scoring and even the thunks of the flippers.

You can buy the Pinball Arcade Cabinet for only $4000 with lifetime guarantee.

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