The Twister Splash Game – the aquatic version of Twister that contorts players in a sprinkler-powered sarabande of saturation

The Twister Splash Game (currently taking orders here) is for anyone who loves playing the twister game and wanted to elevate the game into a more enjoyable one with this uniquely designed aquatic version of Twister.

This aquatic model of the game twister is equipped with 6 rows of 4 colors just the same as the real twister model converted the mat into a fun sprinkler so when players joining the game will cover the dots using their feet and hands in order to block the water pressure.

Twister Splash Game

The Twister Splash Game

This aqua fun twister game when dots are uncovered, the rate of the water flow will increase just enough to soak anyone inside the playing surface and because it is very easy to set up simply by connecting a hose straight into the playing surface, enjoying the splash game will not be a problem.

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Twister Splash Game1

With this aquatic version of your favorite game Twister, the last player standing will win the game and at the same time no one will be left dry and best of all, it already comes with a spinner and only weighs 3lbs and measures 68×52 inches in length and width respectively.

You can buy this aquatic version of twister for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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