The Transforming Illuminated Robotic Tank – a 1:10 scale tank that transforms into a dancing, missile firing robot

The Transforming Illuminated Robotic Tank is unique because this remote controlled tank is capable of transforming from a 1:10 scale tank to a missile firing robot.

Thanks to its easy to use remote control, transforming from a tank to a robot is as easy as pressing a single button on its included remote, you can even use the remote to command the robot to dance to music.

Transforming Illuminated Robotic Tank

The Transforming Illuminated Robotic Tank

As a tank, kids can enjoy roaming the tank around and seek out enemies nearby and because it includes LED lighted gun barrels partnered with rotating turret and illuminated wheels, roaming around at night and firing on enemies will not be a problem.

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Transforming Illuminated Robotic Tank1

This Robotic Tanks already comes with a 66-feet range remote control that can be used for steering on both tank and robot forward, backward and even turning left or right and best of all, it is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above. Weighs only 1 3/4lbs.

You can buy the robotic tank for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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