The Transformers Foldaway Slot Car Raceway – provides kids with instant, two-laned Transformers themed raceway

The Transformers Foldaway Slot Car Raceway is perfect for kids who want to have an instant raceway where they can race against other slot car drivers any time any where.

Thanks to this uniquely designed slot car set, unfolding it from its carrying case in order to provide racers with 2-laned and transformers themed racing tracks.

Transformers Foldaway Slot Car Raceway

The Transformers Foldaway Slot Car Raceway

This slot car raceway already includes 2 1:64 scale Chevy Camaro and Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee cars complete with contact brushes that are very responsive partnered with rubber tires that are road-hugging so slot car drivers can turn without any problem.

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Transformers Foldaway Slot Car Raceway1

This Transformers Slot Car Race Track also comes with 2 wired controllers, integrated lap counters and other important accessories so kids can even decorate the race track just to entice other kids to race with them indoors or outdoors every time. Weighs only 4lbs.

You can buy the slot car set for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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