The Train You I Can Yoda – Trains young Padawans his lightsaber technique and use force to push him backward

Star Wars fanatics, now is your chance to become like your favorite Jedi master Yoda simply by taking training lessons from the Jedi master itself. Introducing the Train You I Can Yoda [SOURCE], an interactive 17 1/2 inches tall Star Wars legendary Yoda designed to train young kids on how to spin and strike lightsaber correctly or even use the force to push the enemies backward simply by following Yoda’s technique.

The Train You I Can Yoda

The Train You I Can Yoda

The Train You I Can Yoda offers 3 different interactive roles such as warriors where he demonstrate his lightsaber technique, a teacher where he train students how to use the force to push him backward and more, thanks to Yoda’s interactive response and voice recognition feature partnered with uniquely built micro-motors with motion sensors and hidden wheels, training to be a Jedi right at your very own home is now possible and entertaining.

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The Train You I Can Yoda 1

If you love our Star Wars Train or our R2-D2 Interactive Droid then this iconic Star Wars character is your next option because it even comes with a glowing left palm that uniquely glows when the master detects dark side force and a voice recognition feature capable of responding different phrases perfect for imparting students the wisdom they need before going to the real battle.

Watch the famous Yoda trains young Padawans to be a Jedi [HERE].