The Ten Person Water Totter – The Perfect Water Tumbler for the Entire Family

The Ten Person Water TotterGive your family the perfect water adventure they want this summer with this cool Ten Person Water Totter. With water totter, kids and even adults will love to rock up and down safely and reliably, simply find the spot you want, grab the handle and start rocking the totter up to 10 feet above the water surface and watch the others splash down the other side. What an adventure!

You want more? How about turning this water totter into a fun 6 feet tall double-sided water slide? Cool eh, you don’t just enjoy the rocking thing but also have fun sliding into the water eh.

The Ten Person Water Totter 2

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This Water Totter is made with unique polyester fabric, the same fabric used by the Navy Seal’s inflatable boats that means, you can be sure that every corner is sealed and treated to block those damaging ultraviolet rays. Just don’t forget to have at least 8feet of water before you start anchoring this rocker and of course it all comes with the necessary tools to keep the entire family going.

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