The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot – Your kids beat-sensing robot that dances to almost anything

Looking for a perfect gift for your kids? Give them the Talking and Dancing Disco Robot [VIDEO], a beat-sensing robot capable of dancing to almost anything from your favorite music, to your simple hand claps or even to the music that already stored in his soundstage.

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot

The Talking and Dancing Disco Robot has a uniquely designed hips and arms capable of gyrating in perfect timing with the beat you are playing plus it even comes with a glowing hands and has a flushing face as the robot shouts different phrases including the “rocking the dance floor!” phrase.

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot 1

This talking and dancing robot simply works by pushing a button located at the robot’s tummy and when your music starts, the robot also starts break dancing.

Looking for more robot trick? Try pairing him with a robot partner so kids will enjoy watching the robots chatting, singing a song or even do some dance contest.

The Talking And Dancing Disco Robot 2

This dancing and talking robot already includes a free application that allows your kids to control the robot’s dance steps straight at your kids favorite device including your kids tablet or smart phones.

Other cool feature includes a built-in mp3 player, stereo speakers and more.

Visit [THIS PAGE] to watch the dancing robot in action.

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