The Tabletop Virtual Pinball Machine – provides the excitement of nostalgic arcade gameplay on a tabletop

The Tabletop Virtual Pinball Machine (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect arcade machine if you want them to provide some excitement of pinball arcade gameplay at home.

This virtual pinball machine is unique because it already includes 27 different virtual playfields like space shuttle, magic castle, time machine and a lot more.

Tabletop Virtual Pinball Machine

The Tabletop Virtual Pinball Machine

Its 19 inch LED screen is capable of providing up to 1366×768 clear and crisp resolution perfect for getting that excitement of nostalgic arcade game time because not only it provides different pinball playfields, kids can also enjoy the real buttons of flipper and bumpers including its targets and ramps.

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Tabletop Virtual Pinball Machine1

This Pinball Machine even features an integrated speakers capable of producing true pinball sounds including its authentic sound effects just to enhance your kids gaming experience at home any time and best of all, it only measures 22.5x14x16 inches in length, width, height and only weighs 17.5lbs.

You can buy the virtual pinball machine for only @299.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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