The Tabletop Marble Speedball Game – Your kids 3 feet long marble speedball game complete with electronic scoring, cheers and flashing lights

The Tabletop Marble Speedball Game {VIDEO} is a 3 feet long tabletop speedball marble game packed with unique features such as flashing lights, electronic scoring and cheers designed to provide young kids an arcade style marble speedball game.

This marble speedball game challenges kids to shoot marbles straight to the grid simply by launching 8 marbles one after the other while its easy to use spring-loaded pull-back lever allows players to control and aim easily.

The Tabletop Marble Speedball Game

The Tabletop Marble Speedball Game

This tabletop marble speedball game has a nice 6 inches wide alley complete with curved ramp where each marble can travel along while the pair of multicolored lights illuminates when a player scores.

The Tabletop Marble Speedball Game 1

Besides the marble speedball game’s electronic scoreboard that displays the players scores, this tabletop marble speedball game also comes with an auto recycle back ball and a sturdy pull-back lever so players can easily take turn and start shooting.

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