The Sword And Shield Laser Battle – a laser tag battle set that pits four combatants against one another

The Sword and Shield Laser Battle is your kids perfect gift especially if they love to play some
laser tag battle at home with their friends or family members.

Thanks to this laser tag battle set, pitting up to 4 battle warriors to compete with one another
right at your kids’ very own battlefield is now possible every time.

Sword And Shield Laser Battle

Each kid bears a harmless infrared beam emitting sword partnered with a sturdy shield capable
of detecting the opponent’s sword beam even at 50 feet away, swordsman simply presses an
easy to use button right at their uniquely designed sword and then when it hits the target, it
simply cast a bolt of lightning which means a target is achieved.

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Sword And Shield Laser Battle1

The Sword And Shield Laser Battle set has an included shield that can produce sound so when
someone hits 10 successful hits, the battle ends and best of all, it is perfect for kids ages 6
years old and above who love to battle for modern medieval supremacy.

You can buy the sword and shield laser tag battle set for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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