The Stuntosaurus Monster Truck – monster truck that conquers any terrain and performs a series of tricks and stunts

The Stuntosaurus Monster Truck (available here) is not just perfect when it comes to performing different stunts and tricks but at the same time unique because kids can perform it almost anywhere even on any type of terrain.

Thanks to this uniquely designed RC Monster Truck equipped with sturdy rubber-tread tires, tearing any path while doing stunts, performing stand to walk and even those popping wheelies will not be a problem.

Stuntosaurus Monster Truck

This wild Jurassic predator like remote controlled truck already comes with an RF remote capable of equipping any user to rapidly turn including those sudden start and stops without any problem, it even uses steam to give that realistic smoke-like effect to make driving more fun and exciting.

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Stuntosaurus Monster Truck1

This 1:14 scale Stuntosaurus Monster Truck is also capable of playing music, flashing LEDs and more and best of all, it is capable of providing up to 30min of power enough to make kids ages 8 years old and above happy every time. Weighs only 2lbs.

You can buy this ferocious Jurassic predator-like RC monster truck for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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