The Storytelling Bear – A plush bear that reads bedtime classics to children

The Storytelling Bear [SOURCE] is not just perfect for providing your kids with some cuddly companion but also great for providing them the bedtime classic stories they all loved to hear before going to bed but of course without mom and dad because the bear takes care of reading stories for them.

The Storytelling Bear

The Storytelling Bear

This cuddly bear companion has a friendly voice that every kids will surely like, simply press the bear’s paw and the plush bear will gladly introduce himself.

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The Storytelling Bear 1

Reading bedtime stories like ugly duckling, goldilocks, three bears and other classic stories is now possible, with a press of the bears other paws will let your kids select the story they love, they even have the option to play, paus, adjust volume at anytime.

The plush bear is constructed using 100 percent polyester material and has auto-shutoff function after 5 min. of inactivity and best of all, it already includes a 40 page fully illustrated storybook, 3 double-a batteries so newborn kids and up will start enjoying their favorite classic stories before going to sleep.

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