The Stanley Apprentice Workshop – Your kids perfect wood workbench complete with genuine Stanley Tools

You want to provide your kids the best tools to help them learn how to craft real woodworking projects? Give them the Stanley Apprentice Workshop —[SOURCE]—, a solid and uniquely designed workbench complete with genuine tools from Stanley product.

Perfect for kids who loves to create their very own Do-It-Yourself wood projects because this workbench already includes all the tools they need in order to complete their projects.

The Stanley Apprentice Workshop

The Stanley Apprentice Workshop

Workshop tools include hammer, saw, screwdrivers, clamps, tape measures, Phillip screws and more just fitted nicely for your kids small hands.

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The Stanley Apprentice Workshop 1

The Stanley Apprentice Workshop also comes with tool belt and a nice safety goggles to make them professionally looking wood workers at home and best of all, it only measures 32×23.5×20 inches in height, width and diameter. Weighs only 20.5lbs.

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